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K-12 And Higher Education

We are dedicated to safeguarding school environments with our comprehensive safety solutions. By integrating advanced technology and protocols, we ensure a secure atmosphere for students, teachers, and staff. Our commitment extends beyond the classroom, striving to create an environment where education can thrive without compromising on safety. From emergency response systems to proactive measures, we prioritize the well-being of every school community member, contributing to a nurturing and secure learning environment.


Our School Safety Solutions

In today's rapidly evolving world, the safety & security of students & staff within educational institutions take center stage. At our company, we offer comprehensive school safety solutions designed to address the unique security challenges faced by schools. From cutting-edge technology such as smart safety apps & abnormal sound detectors to advanced monitoring systems & panic buttons, our integrated solutions provide a robust framework for creating a safe and secure environment. Our school safety solutions empower administrators, faculty, & students with the tools they need to respond effectively to emergencies & proactively prevent potential threats.

What We Offer

Comprehensive Safety System

Our monitoring system provides instant mass alerting communication, CCTV integration, real-time location of users, & advanced user management.

Smart Safety Apps

Our smart safety apps provide an intuitive & user-friendly platform for efficient incident reporting, communication, & emergency response.

Abnormal Sound Detector

Incorporating the power of AI, our sensors leverage advanced algorithms to deliver precise & reliable detection, boasting an impressive accuracy rate of 99%.

Panic Buttons

Our panic buttons are designed to provide an instant and reliable means of communication, ensuring prompt assistance during emergency situations.

Mass Notifications

Our Safety System revolutionizes emergency communication in schools, providing real-time alerts and streamlined information flow to enhance safety and security. This groundbreaking solution ensures that alerts are sent not only to personnel equipped with our system but also extends to those using safety apps, as well as alerting individuals through SMS. With this comprehensive approach, schools can proactively respond to emergencies, creating a secure environment where students and staff can thrive.

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Rapid Response

Our comprehensive suite of solutions are designed to enable rapid response in emergency situations. Leveraging advanced technology and real-time communication capabilities, our system seamlessly connects key stakeholders, including emergency responders, security personnel, and administrators. With features such as panic buttons, automated emergency protocols, and GPS tracking, our solutions ensure swift and coordinated actions to mitigate risks and protect lives. Our user-friendly interface and intuitive design empower users to initiate emergency alerts and provide crucial information to responders with just a few taps.

Active Shooter Alerts

Our advanced technology enables instant alerts to be sent across various channels, including mobile devices, desktops, public address systems, and digital signage. By integrating with existing security systems and protocols, our solutions ensure seamless and coordinated responses to active shooter situations. With features such as real-time threat assessment, automated emergency protocols, and two-way communication capabilities, our solutions empower organizations to proactively address these critical incidents, enhancing safety and saving lives.

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