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Safety Apps

Safety Made Simple


Transforming Safety Through Mobile Technology

Our extensive range of industry-specific safety apps has been thoroughly developed to address the unique challenges faced by various sectors. With a focus on promoting safety, facilitating communication, & enabling swift emergency & medical response, our tailored apps are the perfect solution for ensuring a secure environment in any industry.

An Easy, Simple, Three Step Solution


Press a Button

Discover the convenience of our user-friendly Floating Widget – a mini-app that stays on your screen, offering swift access to panic buttons. These preset buttons provide quick options to report a threat or request some help. Its easy, accessible, and tailored to your needs. 


Automated Report

Upon activation of a button, our system automatically generates comprehensive reports, providing detailed information and documentation of the event.


Immediate Response

Without delay, the designated administrator can promptly mobilize the appropriate authorities, ensuring an immediate and effective response.

Key Features

Customized Buttons

Instant Notification

Built with versatility and compatibility in mind, our apps boast custom buttons specifically tailored to the distinct requirements needed. 

Swifty submit instant notifications, guaranteeing rapid communication and efficient response in critical situations. 

Audio & Visual Alerts


Elevate situational awareness by providing both audio and visual alerts to the Safety System. 

Prioritizing simplicity, our apps ensure that individuals of all ages an easily submit an emergency report.

Instant Verification

Our apps incorporate a built-in verification system to confirm their identity before submitting a report. 

Real-Time Location

Our app ensures the most precise real-time location tracking, activated seamlessly by pressing an emergency button. 

Custom User Profile

Every user has the ability to create a personalized profile, which includes the vital information necessary for a swift and effective response in emergency scenarios.


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