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Smart Sensors

Unleashing the power of innovation to shape a safer tomorrow

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Abnormal Sound Detectors

Our advanced detectors are carefully engineered to accurately identify and alert to any unusual or suspicious sounds within a facility. By harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), we have incorporated state-of-the-art technology to provide precise and dependable detection, ensuring that false alarms are eliminated and the system operates at its utmost efficiency.

Seamless Integration With Your Existing Technology

Our Smart Sensors are designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing ecosystem, providing a hassle-free implementation process. Whether you have an existing security management platform or surveillance system, we can effortlessly incorporate and enhance the capabilities of your overall security setup.

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How it Works


Abnormal Sound is Detected

With careful calibration, our system is finely adjusted to detect only abnormal sounds, effectively disregarding any other background noise or unrelated sounds.


Automated Report

Upon detection of an abnormal sound, an automatic report is generated and promptly sent to the designated administrator for immediate verification.


Administrator Verifies & Dispatches Authorities

The administrator is immediately notified and empowered to verify the situation and dispatch the appropriate authorities without delay.

CCTV Integration

By integrating cameras into our system, we provide administrators with real-time visual verification capabilities, granting them immediate access to CCTV footage for swift assessment of the ongoing events.

Automated Reports

When an unusual sound is detected, an automated report is generated and swiftly delivered to the assigned administrator(s), triggering prompt response and necessary measures.

Accurate Detection

Utilizing Artificial Intelligence, our sensors guarantee a 99% accuracy rate, effectively eliminating false alarms.

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