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Our Safety Platform

Emergencies can occur at any given time, and in those critical moments, every second counts. Provide peace of mind to professionals across various sectors, ensuring their safety takes priority, allowing them to concentrate on their core responsibilities.

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Elevate Your Readiness for the Unexpected. 

With the integration of our powerful Panic Buttons, Safety Sensors, and Safety Apps, our monitoring system ensures the smooth transmission of emergency reports from users to the central system, while granting administrators the ability to dispatch mass emergency notifications such as lockdown alerts or customized messages. This comprehensive monitoring system keeps administrators well-informed during critical situations, allowing them to take swift and decisive action immediately.

A Single Source For Emergency Management

Our Safety Platform is the all-in-one solution for receiving and sending out alerts, notices, and mass notifications for any situation in your line of work. Whether it be notifying parents of an early dismissal for students, submitting a full lockdown during an emergency situation, or notifying all employees of specific information, our Platform can be used in all situations in any industry.

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Seamless Integration With Your Existing Technology

Our system can be integrated with existing procedures and policies, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption to your established workflows. By leveraging flexible integration options, our solution aligns with your organization's specific safety protocols, allowing for enhanced coordination and communication. With our solution, you can enhance the effectiveness of your existing procedures and policies, taking safety and security to new heights. 

How it Works


Receive a Report

Instantly receive an automated report from a registered user within your system.


Verify the Report

Authenticate the validity and accuracy of the submitted report. 


Dispatch Authorities

Promptly mobilize and deploy the appropriate authorities to provide immediate assistance & support to the user.

Discover The Features of Our Safety Platform

CCTV Integration

View Real-Time Location

By integrating cameras into our system, we provide administrators with real-time visual verification capabilities, granting them immediate access to CCTV footage for swift assessment of the ongoing events.

Once a report is submitted through any of our devices or apps, the monitoring system promptly receives the precise location from the user, allowing for immediate assistance and intervention.

Emergency Alerts

Stay instantly informed by receiving emergency reports without delay, facilitating a prompt response.

Efficiently handle user profiles, granting or revoking access as needed to maintain a robust system security. Our streamlined user management enables seamless collaboration between authorized individuals & authorities.

Advanced User Management

Security Devices

Mass Notifications

Designed for seamless compatibility with our Panic Buttons, Sensors, & Apps, our Monitoring System provides enhanced situational awareness and enables a coordinated response.

Aligned with the Texas Standard Response Protocols, our system enables instant notifications for all individuals connected with our products.

Instant Collaboration

Effortlessly communicate critical information via instant SMS alerts. Seamlessly expand you recipient list to include anyone as needed.


Your All In One Platform To Manage It All!

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