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We pioneer safety solutions with a focus on empowering and safeguarding individuals

Our Goal

Devoted to our mission, we tirelessly innovate safety solutions to empower and safguard people every day. Our unwavering commitment to values such as collaboration, forward-thinking, and empowerment, we remain dedicated to fostering workplaces where every staff member feels supported in seeking help, ranging from everyday matters to extreme emergencies.

Our Leadership

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Hank Whitman

Retired Chief Texas Ranger

In collaboration with Hank Whitman, our company benefits from his cruicial insights into the well-being of the individuals we strive to protect. Mr. Whitman's expertise provides essential information that serves as a foundation for redefining and sustaining our safety systems. Learn More


Roy Tijerina

CEO - The Texas Guardians

As the proud owner of this thriving venture, I am deeply invested in steering the course of our business towards unparalleled success. My unwavering commitment to innovation and a relentless pursuit of excellence permeate every facet of our operations. I strive to create an environment where our team excels, and our business flourishes. Learn More


J.D. Robertson

Retired Ombudsman

Under the guidance of J.D. Robertson, our progress in knowledge and development has surged to new heights. Leveraging his profound expertise in the field, our company excels in seamlessly integrating technology into the current challenges faced across diverse sectors in times of crisis. Learn More

Our Essential Personnel

The protocol or standard operating procedure calls for a Surveillance Control Officer to be trained on the use of the cameras. A police officer is preferred for this position as he/she would have the knowledge and experience regarding the response by multiple law enforcement agencies to an emergency. The SCO is to be required to become an expert on the positions of all cameras and the layouts of every structure operated by the school district (Training provided by The Texas Guardians). Software with this information can be kept readily available to ensure accuracy. 

The SCO will be in a Surveillance Control Room in a secure location. The room will contain a workspace that includes computers, cameras, radios, and land line phone. Access to this room needs to be limited to the SCO, superintendent, and the police chief if the district has a police department. Cameras must be placed in every room that is used by any person to include classrooms, offices, restrooms, and locker rooms. Areas that are considered to be private of off-limits will have deactivated cameras that can only be re-activated when the SCO declares an emergency.

Every live camera will record what the SCO sees at all times. The superintendent may and should audit random recorded video on a monthly basis. The system does not allow for deletion of recorded video. It will, however, record over video after 60 days.

Panic Button:
The discrete panic button designed by the Texas Guardians is an incredibly practical and portable device. With just a simple press of the button, an immediate notification is sent to the nearest designated campus security personnel. It ensures swift response and assistance when needed, providing a sense of safety and security. Importantly, this device respects your privacy, as it lacks the capability to listen to any private conversations. It also does not track your location unless you specifically request help, ensuring your personal information remains protected

Every room and common area will have a gunshot detector that can alert the SCO about a possible
shooting and will automatically bring up the closest camera on his computer screen. If the camera
was not active at the time, the system will re-activate that camera.

The system includes mobile phone applications for teachers, administrators, and support staff. The app has a simple function with one button press that alerts the SCO to a possible emergency. Once that alert is sent, the sender’s location is tracked by the system and the SCO will be able to maneuver throughout the campus using the cameras to locate and identify any possible threat.

Upon confirming that there is an active shooter or an armed threat, the SCO will be able to alert first responders through a mobile phone application. That app will be issued to whichever local, state, or federal law enforcement agencies the school district believes are closest and most likely to respond to their assistance. Law enforcement administrators will be required to provide a list of officers who will be given access to the app since the download will be password protected. The entities using the app must provide the officer’s mobile phone number, name, and badge number or call sign. Every person using the app must also consent to the system tracking their phones live while the emergency event is taking place. Officers who receive the emergency alert on their mobile phones will click on a “Responding” icon to begin the process. This allows the SCO to keep track of the threat and the location of first responders. This is necessary for the SCO to accurately guide officers to the location of the threat.

Active Shooter Response:
Once a threat is confirmed, the SCO will activate an alert that places the campus on lockdown. A simultaneous alert is sent to every first responder that has downloaded the app. The SCO will be able to track the threat with cameras that can zoom in to assist in identifying weapons and gear. The video seen by the SCO will be forwarded to the first responders. Law enforcement will be able to watch live video of the threat and the location. 

The SCO will be able to see the location of first responders in order to guide them towards the threat by providing directions around the school grounds and during their approach to the campus entrances. Once officers are within camera range, the SCO will be able to track officer movements within the school. 

There are multiple options for the SCO to communicate with the officers. Since the location of each officer is identified by their badge number or call sign, the SCO can send a specific officer information and directions. 
This can be done through the app itself, or if more practical, the SCO can call the officer directly to his phone and maintain an open line. 

If arrangements are made with local law enforcement agencies, the SCO may have access to radio communications with the officers. The system will automatically make the campus WIFI available without a password so that mobile phones can still receive messages and calls in areas with bad phone reception. The activation of the alert by the SCO will also cause the campus alarms to signal a lockdown. 

Although there may be numerous calls being placed to 911 services by school employees and students, this system does not rely on that service. 

The system is intended to provide first responders with all the information needed to locate and stop the threat. Any delays in response or hesitation due to lack of courage, weapons, or gear is entirely a law enforcement issue.

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