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Portable Smart Panic Buttons

Pioneering Innovation for a Safer Future


Instant Notification at The Push of a Button

With its intelligent design, the panic button automatically generates and dispatches a report to the designated administrator within three (3) seconds of activation. This automated reporting feature guarantees prompt documentation of incidents, facilitating immediate action and response from authorities.​

In Just Three Steps


Push the Button

By pressing the SOS button for three seconds, users can instantly submit a comprehensive report.


Receive the Alert

Near-instantaneous alert delivery on our monitoring system or to the designated administrator, triggering immediate action. 


Dispatch Authorities

Without delay, the designated administrator can promptly mobilize the appropriate authorities, ensuring an immediate and effective response.

Key Features

Custom User Profile

Every user is provided with a personalized profile, containing vital information such as name, contact details, campus location, room number, and other essential details necessary for swift and effective response in emergency scenarios. 

Real-Time Location

Utilizing cutting-edge GPS technology, the panic button ensures precise real-time location tracking exclusively upon activation of the emergency button. Rest assured, knowing that your location is not tracked until the emergency button is pressed, guaranteeing privacy and security for all.

Automated Reporting

Upon pressing the button, the device automatically generates and dispatches a report to the designated administrator, guaranteeing swift response and efficient documentation for subsequent actions.

User-Friendly & Accessible Design

Crafted with user-friendliness in mind, the panic device boasts an accessible design suitable for individuals of all ages and abilities. Its intuitive operation and ergonomic structure facilitate seamless activation during emergencies, ensuring prompt summoning of the appropriate authorities.

Our panic button is designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing safety policies and procedures, complementing the measures you already have in place. By integrating our panic button into your existing safety framework, you can enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of your safety protocols. , providing an additional layer of security and empowering your organization to respond swiftly and effectively in times of crisis.

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