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Wearable Panic Button

Your go-to for immediate incident response. Compact, powerful, and equipped with essential features, your peace of mind, just a press away.

The Texas Guardians Smart Panic Button

When Every Second Matters

With its intelligent design, the panic button automatically generates and dispatches a report to the designated administrator within three (3) seconds of activation. This automated reporting feature guarantees prompt documentation of incidents, facilitating immediate action and response from authorities.​

Enhance Your Staff's Safety


Quick Activation

At the push of a button, empower swift human action in any situation. Our panic button ensures you can stay focused, confident that help is on the way.


Immediate Notification

Instantaneous alert delivery on our monitoring system or to the designated administrator, triggering immediate action. 


Dispatch Authorities

Without delay, the designated administrator can promptly mobilize the appropriate authorities, ensuring an immediate and effective response.

Key Advantages

One Button Activation

Instant Notification

Experience simplicity with our panic button featuring one-button activation, streamlining your safety in a single press. 

Swifty submit instant notifications, guaranteeing rapid communication and efficient response in critical situations. 

Real-Time Location

Utilizing cutting-edge GPS technology, we ensure precise real-time location tracking exclusively upon activation of the emergency button.

Custom User Profile

Audio & Visual Alerts

Elevate situational awareness by providing both audio and visual alerts to the Safety System. 

Individually crafted with a personalized profile, each panic button is uniquely tailored to your needs. 


The panic button boasts an accessible design suitable for individuals of all ages and abilities. Its intuitive operation and ergonomic structure facilitate seamless activation during emergencies.


Stay Protected At All Times With Our Wearable Panic Button

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