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Rapid Installation in One Working Day

Mass Alerts in Seconds

Pre-Added & Custom Alerts

Real-Time Tracking

Support 24/7 365 Days

Medical Response

Immediate Emergency Response

Convenience Redefined

Comprehensive Safety System

Our monitoring system provides instant mass alerting communication, CCTV integration, real-time location of users, & advanced user management.

Smart Safety Apps

Our smart safety apps provide an intuitive & user-friendly platform for efficient incident reporting, communication, & emergency response.

Abnormal Sound Detector

Incorporating the power of AI, our sensors leverage advanced algorithms to deliver precise & reliable detection, boasting an impressive accuracy rate of 99%.

Panic Buttons

Our panic buttons are designed to provide an instant and reliable means of communication, ensuring prompt assistance during emergency situations.

24/7 Surveillance

In conjunction of our Mass Notification System, we offer the capability to incorporate your current CCTV Cameras, enabling real-time visual and location information in response to any potential threat.

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