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Recommended Tips

Our quick recommended tips provide actionable advice & guidance for immediate improvements. These suggestions are designed to address common challenges & enhance your experience. Implementing these tips can help you achieve better results efficiently & effectively, making your journey smoother & more successful.

Smart Safety Apps

  • Regularly update & test your safety app.

  • Ensure that all necessary permissions are allowed from the app.

  • Make sure your phone is running the latest Android or iOS version.

  • User profile information must be accurate.

  • Google maps on your phone MUST be properly calibrated.

  • Do Not Disturb on your device must be turned OFF.

  • Check your device's internet & cellular service connection to ensure it is stable  & reliable. 

  • Clear the app cache & data to optimize performance & improve app functionality.

For further support regarding our smart safety apps, please contact us below, or message our support bot for a list of troubleshooting steps.

Panic Buttons

  • Press the panic button firmly until the SOS screen indicates that the report has been sent.

  • Restart the device twice after the Wi-Fi setup.

  • Ensure the panic button is connected to your admin monitoring system or contact number.

  • Regularly test the panic button to ensure it is working properly.

  • Keep the panic button clean & free from dust or debris.

For support with any other concern, please contact us below, or message our support bot for a list of troubleshooting steps.

Supported Phone Versions For our Smart Safety Apps

As of June 2023, older device versions are not recommended for use.


  • iOS 13

  • iOS 14

  • iOS 15

  • iOS 16+


  • Android 10

  • Android 11

  • Android 12

  • Android 13+


If you encounter any additional issues, please don't hesitate to reach out to us using the contact form provided. Our dedicated team of experts will promptly assist you. Alternatively, you can TAP HERE to engage with our support bot for immediate assistance.

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