Our role in fighting the Corona virus &  Post - Covid Threats. 

We have been providing exceptional Apps to clients across the country and around the world. We help them solve issues standing between their idea and the materialization  of a product they need. 

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Teacher master

2021-03-17 (3)
2021-03-17 (3)


Teacher master
Teacher master

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Since we started, we've been providing users with cutting edge mobile solutions to simplify their lives anywhere across the country and around the world.


Now, we've been encouraged to design and create safety applications to help mitigate 3 major concerns effecting the reopening of schools and business across the county. 

  1. Covid 19

  2. Mental Health

  3. Active Shooter  

  • Imagine trying to scan 1,000 children or more every day for abnormal Temperatures. The Texas Guardians  MTL devices is accurate, affordable, and makes scanning large numbers of individuals much quicker. 

  • The Trio App reports Activities and Behaviors that pose a risk to individuals, the school or the community, allowing authorities to respond to any imminent threat or emergency with precise location  The app notifies parents, campus security personnel, and it coordinates with local law enforcement to quickly diffuse dangerous situations.

  • There was an average of 369 Mass Shootings on 2019. The frequency of these events is increasing. Under Senate Bill 11, school employees must have access to communication devices such as cell phones for immediate reporting suspicious behaviors .


A User-Friendly Alternative to Managing School Safety 

The Texas Guardians Trio App that can do it all?  Our easy-to-use platform can do just about anything, and allows your staff to teach, produce and learn to the fullest.

These Apps can be implemented in other types of businesses or organizations 

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We Create Technology That Motivates An Action For Every Level Of The Targeted Situation 

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The Texas Guardians App enables users to summon firefighters, medics, and police with a single tap of a button on the phone. The App immediately performs a variety of functions to aid potential victims avoid detection and mobilize help. 

The Texas Guardians active Shooter App 

Active Shooters


CDC Reopening of schools and addressing Senate Bill 11

Virus/ Mental Support  

Happy Teenager

When Response Time Matters

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"Their quality of the code, pride in their craft, and their communication was most impressive."

Jack - CEO / Founder

The Texas Guardians understood our vision from the very beginning and made technical recommendations based on our business needs..."

Josie - CEO