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Safety and security are vital to providing quality tourism. More than any other economic activity, a tourism destination's success or failure depends on giving visitors a safe and secure environment if they seek relaxation and fun in the sun.

  • Before the client begins their excursion, they must download an app.

  • This App does not track, follow, or sell any data or information from the end user's personal information.

  • Their one-time secure payment provides minute Alerts, notifications, and recommendations in the event of any threats, including weather alerts or other security concerns within the visiting tourist area.

  • The App will provide the tourist access to an array of exciting gourmet food, drinks, and entertainment from participating local business.

  • Upgrades are available for large groups, such as private chat, video conference, or Member reunification.

  • Secure access to verified taxis, tour guides or venues.

Suggested Business Plan

  • Develop a visiting website where an individual can choose their options.

  • Develop a custom app with built-in custom features that will only be accessible depending on the client's chosen option.

  • Develop a secure app for critical individuals to post information to all visiting tourists. 

  • Please note there is an option to have a company director that can verify the posting before it is distributed to all end users in the flagged area.

  • Create a secure payment portal for clients wanting a safety and security phone application.

  • Multi-languages depending on the visiting area.

  • Super Admin Panel to verify messages and alerts before posting. Built in feature to

  • Approve or deny any unwanted app user. 

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