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TML Temperature Screening Sensor
Attach this sensor to the main device from the top port.
After attaching from the port, the sensor will automatically be activated with the main device operating system. No additional setting is required for this sensor.

Note: If you want to use TML Bluetooth, Just unplug this from the main device. 

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TML Portable Bluetooth Temperature Screening Device
Plugin TML Portable Bluetooth Temperature Screening device. If this device is not pre-attached with the main device, Simply go to the setting, open the Setup Device option, Enter the unique code of the Bluetooth device which is mentioned on the backside of the device. Now all the temperature screening results will also show on the main screen and the report will be sent to the admins.
Note: To charge this Bluetooth device, just plug on the top of the main device.


Temperature Screening Result

If Temperature will be normal, It will say to user "Proceed" If it's abnormal, it will say "Please Stop"

"User Name" will shows here if they will check Fever with QR Code

Tap to Back HOME Screen

"Comment or Instructions for the User"
These instructions will be changed according to the situation.


Tap for the Guide & Help


Just scan QR Code Card in this camera to check temperature

Mute & Turn on/off
Bluetooth buttons


Portable Pulse Oximeter
Plug it with the main device from the right side USB port. This oximeter has a separate turn-off and on the button.  This is just for additional checkups in case the user has detected an abnormal temperature.

Note: This is not attached with any admin, Nor it stores any data on servers.


Plug the Temperature Screening Sensor or Bluetooth Device for Charging.

This is port for the
oximeter to hold
& for charging

Charging Port
Plug the charger here

Follow the mentioned flow to attach & plug the devices

SKIP to Scan Temperature without QR Code

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