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Healthcare Tracking

Empowering Safety With Ease

Holding Hands

Revolutionize Personal Healthcare

Our Personal Healthcare tracking wearable devices incorporate a diverse range of essential features, including real-time monitoring of blood pressure and heart rate. by leveraging these advanced capabilities, healthcare providers can conveniently track their patients' vital signs with accuracy, gaining valuable insights into their overall health and well-being.

How it Works


Automated HR & BP Taking

Automated daily measurements of blood pressure (BP) & heart rate (HR).


Automated Report

If an abnormal reading is detected, the health report is promptly sent to the patient's healthcare professional for immediate review.


Immediate Response

The wearable device allows direct voice communication between healthcare professionals and patients, facilitating seamless interaction and personalized care.

Key Features

Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, & Blood Oxygen Level Monitoring

Voice Communication

Real-time tracking and analysis of vital signs, with a 99% accuracy rate.

Seamless communication between patients & doctors or family members, ensuring constant connectivity, guidance, and assistance anytime and anywhere. 

Automatic & Manual Readings

Convenient daily automatic readings of vital signs. Patients' primary health care doctor can manually initiate readings for specific situations. 

SOS Calling


Make SOS calls to family members or designated providers for immediate assistance 

Our device caters to older patients by featuring intuitive controls and a seamless user experience. 

Stay Safe, and Stay Protected With Our Telehealth Solutions

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