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One of the biggest problems schools and police encounter is well-meaning individuals, systems and ranking officials that don’t communicate clearly and inadvertently delay rescue efforts.  That causes slow action and decision making.

My Story

My name is Roy. I’m a father with kids in school and I’m the founder of Safe Drivers Worldwide LLC Dba The Texas Guardians, an ICT development company. My development team and I understand the frustration with the lack of solutions being put forth toward preventing situations that include active school shooters.


My goal is to give everyone the quickest way to get help when response times matter most, and to avoid arming school staff with more guns. Safe Drivers Worldwide DBA The Texas Guardians LLC was founded by Me, and I have established a development team that has created over 30 million Script & Codes that can easily be incorporated into a variety of applications, portable devices, and networks. My Company, The Texas Guardians is a world class app development company that provides exceptional Apps to clients across the country and around the world.


The Texas Guardians has been in business for 6 years with no employee turnover, litigation, or lawsuits and is financially stable with strong sales. We are in good standing with Duns & Bradstreet, CMBL and My company, Safe Drivers Worldwide DBA The Texas Guardians is well organized and a privately owned developing company registered as a minority own business in Weslaco, Texas.

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