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With the increase in COVID 19 cases and the concern from employees, students’ parents and customers, out of the abundance of caution we have created and implementing a state-of-the-art temperature screening device and protocol where all individuals entering an establishment will have their temperature taken to determine the presence of a fever. If a person has an abnormal reading, an array of notifications and instructions will be directed to designated individuals. This screening process is for all employees, visitors or any other personnel as this situation evolves, this document may be updated.

The intent is to limit employees, students and visitor to an exposure from a COVID 19.


To facilitate the protection of employees, students and visitor we have developed the procedure below to enable safe operation of facilities.

District, Campus & Transportation Staff Protocol

· Employees that are reporting for work will enter through designated doors thought out the district.

· Upon entry into any building, employees will have a temperature screening of forehead a using The TML infrared thermometer.

· Note, personnel will require to present their QR code at each temperature screening station. This process will also replace all manual sign in sheets. Recording temperatures is necessary even if the individual’s temperature is normal. No alerts or notification will be activated unless they are over 100.4 F.

· Employee with a temperature reading above 100.4 F will instantly receive a short questionnaire to be filled out while the individual will report to a designated/assigned room for a manual thermometer check.

· Employee will be screened again by assigned personnel to verify first readings and to review the questioner the individual submitted. If temperature again reads above 100.4 F, employee will be asked to exit building and return home.

· All abnormal temperature reading will instantly create and submit a notification to advise their supervisor for further steps necessary.

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