Frequently asked questions

What message parents will receive?

When fever detected, Parents will receive this message "Your child's temperature has exceeded the allowable range. PLEASE call her/His office"

What i need to do If it's high temperature reading?

Please step aside and wait for further assistance.

Why i need to scan QR code?

To indentiy the user personal information, User's need to scan their QR code. After fever checked, App autmatically generate a report and send it to the administraction. Scan QR Code option is only for Staff, Students, Security Team.
For Host, they don't need to Scan QR code. They just need to press "Scan Temperature" Button.

How to "check Fever"?

There are two steps to check fever with attached thermometer:

1-Press Button from the App " Scan Temperature or Scan QR Code"
If you are staff member, student or security team member, then you need to press on Scan QR Code.
2-Approach to the thermometer slowly then stand for 3 to 5 seconds.

That's it

What to do if thermometer is not attached with the Tablet device?

If the thermometer is not attached properly or working, Just press the button of "HELP" from the App to get instant help from the administraction.

Is there any chance of wrong reading?

Yes, Note : Non-contact thermometer measures body temperature without skin contact! it could be show the lower temperature reading.
If you feel App is showing the wrong temperature reading, You can check temperature again.
To make sure the correct reading, Please put your head near to the thormometer. Almost 1 inches near to the thermometer. If still something wrong, Please press the "Help" button.

Why thermometer is attached with the App?

App and thermometer is coded togehter and both will only works when thermometer is attached with the device. If thermometer is not attached then App will not works or send any report to the administation or medical department. App checks the fever and generate a report to send automatically to the relevent departments/Parents or nurse.

How to get "Help" regarding App or Thermometer ?

To get help, Please press the button of Help from the Host App. And submit a ticked with your concern. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

What is Non-Contact Thermometer?

Body temperature can be measured in a number of ways. Traditionally, body temperature has been measured using contact thermometers that are placed on the forehead or in the mouth, ear, armpit or rectum. For children in particular, rectal temperature measurement is often considered to be the gold standard. Non-contact thermometers allow a person’s temperature to be taken with minimal (tympanic) or no (Non-contact infrared thermometer [NCIT], thermal scanner) contact with the person. This means temperature can be measured without the discomfort of having to sit still with a thermometer in the mouth, armpit, or rectum long enough to obtain a correct temperature reading. The lack of contact also means the disinfection process between patients for the thermometers is minimal or unnecessary, allowing for easier and faster use when screening large numbers of people in settings like airports or border crossings.

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