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Custom Emergency Apps
Apps for Companies.


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Since we started, The Texas Guardians has provided users with cutting edge mobile solutions to simplify their lives anywhere across the country and around the world.


In fact, we’ve played such a crucial role in shaping our users’ experience that we’ve even managed to create a buzz among some media outlets.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Emergency App Benefits for Companies

  • Immediate alerting from any device (iOS, Android)

  • Secure  chat and video connection for discussion, consulting and additional information.

  • Admin Control Panels (Computer, Tablet, Mobile App)

  • Customized Notifications from Admin to Staff.

  • Custom Logo, Color & Features.

  • Live Tracking.

  • No Training Required to Use Apps.

  • Send Voice Message, Photo, Video with Alerts.

  • Shake to Send Emergency Alert.

  • Auto Silent During Emergency.

  • Press Power Button to send Alert.

  • Customized Emergency Devices which is connected with Apps

  • and many hidden features. Call us for the demos & online meeting.

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