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Enough is Enough!

School Shootings. What have we learned?


Officials across the nation have learned some valuable lessons, primarily that there’s no accounting for human error and that even professional equipment can break down.

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The closing of schools during the COVID-19 lockdowns took a toll on the mental health of adults as well as students. Even when schools were cleared to reopen, the term “normal” now has an entirely new meaning. Students continue to deal with stress and mental health issues, which could cause an upsurge in shooters and suicides. Even with multiple safety systems in place, adding a layer of cell phone technology is always a good idea.


Unfortunately, one of the biggest problems schools and police encounter is well-meaning individuals that don’t communicate clearly and inadvertently will delay rescue efforts. Many schools have also ignored the implementation of modern, technology that’s available through smartphones as part of Homeland Security’s multi-faceted recommended approach. 


There are apps available that can provide an expedient, one-touch solution for summoning law enforcement, that automatically dims the lights and reduces the sounds on phones to keep students and staff from being detected. 

The Texas Guardians Applications 

The Texas Guardians have developed one such app in a hierarchical system for large organizations to send and receive various notifications to individuals or departments with different ranks or positions, depending on how important the announcements are to respond faster. 

We can end it now!

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My Message To You.

My name is Roy Tijerina. I’m a father with kids in school and I’m the founder of The Texas School Guardians app. The Texas School Guardians app was designed to help keep our children and school personnel safe from all horrific events.

My development team and I understand the frustration with the lack of solutions to avoid situations that include active school shooters. My goal is to give everyone the quickest, most efficient way to stay safe and get help when response times matter most. I don’t want our kids putting themselves in additional danger to snap a picture of an assailant like the police would like them to do. I don’t want our teachers and staff to be without the app.

This is why my company would like to make The Texas School Guardians technology available to your schools.

We always have our phone with us, it’s always on, and it’s never beyond reach. Our apps are an ideal way to ensure everyone always has the ability to report any situation that poses a danger to them with a single touch of the button.

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