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A 21st Century Crisis

Global Migration. 

It has always existed, It's just larger,  deadlier, and further.


The World's First
"Family Reunification Virtual Video Calling System"

This particular system was designed and developed to work with Tablets, PCs, and cell phones even if the device does not have an active services provider. The primary function of this ICT system is to locate, connect and communicate with displaced individuals anywhere around the world. The App/system is built with security features to avoid eavesdropping from unsuspected individuals and can also assist in locating the displaced or lost individual no matter what part of the world they are in. 

Refugee Camps

Disaster Zones

Private Corporation




Due to the sensitive nature of our custom-tailored communication technology for displaced individuals, any further information must be requested by phone only. Please tap the "Book A Call" Button below 

World Connectivity

No matter what part of the world you are located, so long as the device has internet. The connectivity  with this app/system will function  

Cost Efficient

For less than pennies, a day and with no expensive hardware to install 

Private & Secured

We respect the privacy of everyone, Our apps, devices, and desktop technology maintain the privacy of all users.

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