Schools across the country are being targeted with hoax calls about active shooters

Playing a Game

Swatting is an illegal prank which has seen an increase among the gaming community. It involves someone making a deceptive call to the emergency services with the address of schools and businesses. Which in turn leads to a raid of the address. Usually a SWAT team appears, hence the term 'swatting'.

Police Patch

There's been a surge in hoax calls about active shooters at schools across the country during the last three weeks. Many of them fit a strange, new pattern.

Over the last three weeks, schools across the U.S. have been targeted by a new wave of hoax calls. Somebody calls the school or local dispatch to say an active shooter is on the campus and that some people have already been shot. The school is then put on lockdown. Police swarm the scene. And in some cases, panicked parents rush to the location.

The Texas Guardians SERA System is intended to provide end users a method to report faster, without any miscommunications and to prevent any false alerting to first responders.