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The fire departments and emergency response teams will conduct disaster preparedness drill

 Simple solutions for a dangerous situations

First Responder Technologies

The Information and communication technologies (ICT) are those tools needed to process information, in particular the use of computers, communication devices and software applications to convert, store, protect, process, transmit and retrieve information from anywhere and at any time.


The U.S. is one of the most developed nations in the world, but there are still areas that are poorly marked or not marked at all by street signs or other distinguishing signage. It’s a situation that poses an extreme danger for law enforcement whether it’s local police, game wardens, Texas Rangers, or border patrol officers. 


As the country is facing a rise in crime, officers must navigate the intricacies of dealing with those with mental health issues as well. Our heroes, responsible for upholding the law and protecting our citizens, are more vulnerable than at any other time in history. Assault is another part of a larger, and growing pattern of danger that they face. 

With No Additional Hardware 

The Texas Guardian EMT Safety Technology is specifically designed to deliver enhanced data on multiple issues from dangerous situations, particularly in the event of an active shooter. The app/system enables dispatchers to direct Swat, Law Enforcement Officers, and Security Personnel to the perpetrator quickly, efficiently, and with pinpoint accuracy to neutralize the threats, thereby allowing first responders to render aid faster and more effectively.


911 Dispatcher 

Security Guard

Campus and Private Security 

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Due to the sensitive nature of our custom-tailored communication technology for displaced individuals, any further information must be requested by phone only. Please tap the
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Leaders, now have the option to Do What Needs to Be Done? Addressing Suicide Among First Responders

Whether they’re running into burning buildings, engaging an active shooter, or navigating crowded streets at high speeds on the way to a hospital, first responders often put their lives at risk as part of the job. 

 A variety of action plans and reporting methods have been created and implemented in response to premature mortality such as Suicide.   Unfortunately, many of those systems and methods are proving ineffective. Some of those suggested methods are creating additional problems by giving individuals a false sense of safety and security. The fact is, the number of suicides is on the rise post-Covid. SUICIDE IS PREVENTABLE


The overall objective is to identify, characterize and provide support for the at-risk individuals using ICT-based interventions for all levels of suicide prevention. Bringing our technology, which we call ICT, (Information and Communication Technology), will create accessible, user-friendly, private engaging, and innovative conversation platforms to promote whole-person wellness and offer support for individuals with mental health needs at risk of suicide.


This system is designed in HIERARCHY COMMUNICATION PLATFORM to motivate a discussion among individuals that are reluctant to seek help for a variety of reasons, including stigma, anxiety, fear of ‘bothering’ someone, unfamiliarity with the team members or process, and so on. The need for a platform that can be used to communicate with members about mental and behavioral health is evident.


Our custom application meets those specifications and will offer the greatest benefits to all First Responders Heroes.    Contact us now. Tap the button below. 

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