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First-Impact-Response-Safety Technology 

Eliminating the need to arm Teachers & Personnel, an act that can potentially result in additional dangers

Our App allows teachers, administrators, bus drivers, and support staff to call for security whenever needed. School security guards or other designated individuals can request a school lockdown and all users receive instant notification of the action.

A direct link to 911 is included that can be engaged with a single tap of the app. When activated, The Texas Guardians app automatically dims phone lights and places phones on vibrate to aid in avoiding detection. The app also enables staff to take a photo of the offender, when doing so won’t pose an additional risk.

The app can be activated at the first sign of trouble to quickly alert law enforcement and first responders when response times matter most. In the event of an active shooter, the app provides the individual school system with the equivalent of a digital SWAT team until the physical SWAT professionals arrive.

Users can also request security for disgruntled or disruptive students without the need to call their police department. School personnel can use the app to summon help for medical emergencies, fires, bullying and a myriad of other situations.

All apps have a unique feature to notify the user verbally even if the device is on mute 

Bus Drivers 

•Active shooter



•Roadside Assistance


•Active shooter

•Request security

•Student concerns report to special counselors

•Additional hidden components included. Ask your rep for more information.  


Campus Security 

•Active shooter

•Request of a “Lock-down”

•Report suspicious person or package.

Additional hidden components included. Ask your rep for more information


  • Report suspicious behaviors

  • if a gun or knife is spotted, someone is poisoned, killed

  • a suicide,

  • bullying, talk of a bomb is overheard,