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Our latest innovation is the (MTL) Monitoring Thermometer Logistics , a thermometer that attaches to a mobile phone or a tablet. It’s created to meet CDC standards for reopening schools and it’s part of our active shooter safety software. 


This state of the art touchless thermometer attaches to a smart device. When used, If the child or staff member has an abnormal temperature, a notification is automatically sent to the parents or designated person with instructions.

The MTL is designed with a friendly and non-threatening appearance to young children. The MTL is an essential part of the ongoing efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 mandated by the CDC.

Temperature Monitoring Logistics  

Our thermometer is designed specifically for schools & employees for scanning of individuals or large groups quickly.

Suggested Placements  

  • Door Entrances 

  • Desktop

  • Buses 

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The App also includes components to report,

  • Active Shooter

  • Mental Health 

  • Hijacking of Buses.

Our role in fighting the Corona-virus and Post - Covid Threats. 


  • Qr Code 

  • Self Scan

  • Cell phone 

  • Android Tablet