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The Texas Guardians Applications & Hardware

Securing the entire campus is quick and easy to do.
The Secret is to arm the entire campus work force with smart technology.  

The Texas Guardians have created innovative applications that operate on a variety of smart devices. Individuals can now have the confidence that help is just a click away. The Apps and Smart devices are built  on a hierarchical system. This system enables large organizations to transmit and receive a range of notifications to individuals or departments with varying ranks or positions. When the smart system receives any notifications, it will prioritize the importance of the message, ensuring that urgent information is received quickly by those who need it most. Our technology is designed with the aim of saving lives and preventing emergency situations from escalating. The Texas Guardians' apps and hardware are ideal for organizations looking to improve their communication and emergency response capabilities.

As experts in app and hardware technology, we specialize in developing innovative solutions that enable faster emergency response times. Our technology is designed to report emergencies to first responders, instantly providing valuable information and data to quickly prevent or eliminate the threat. With our cutting-edge technology, we empower first responders with the tools they need to act quickly and efficiently in critical situations. Trust us to deliver reliable and effective solutions that make a difference.


Stealth Technology


Mental Health Logistics

Children Arriving at School

Bus Hijacking


Mass Alert 

Introducing Stealth Technology 


Various events have taken over the headlines, but demands are still ricocheting around the country for a solution to Active Shooters.

The problem is that most people are concerned exclusively with cost, while law enforcement and I.T's are worried the apps are displacing them.

My Message To You.

My name is Roy Tijerina. I’m a father with kids in school and I’m the founder of The Texas School Guardians app. The Texas School Guardians app was designed to help keep our children and school personnel safe from all horrific events.

My development team and I understand the frustration with the lack of solutions to avoid situations that include active school shooters. My goal is to give everyone the quickest, most efficient way to stay safe and get help when response times matter most. I don’t want our kids putting themselves in additional danger to snap a picture of an assailant like the police would like them to do. I don’t want our teachers and staff to be without the app.

This is why my company would like to make The Texas School Guardians technology available to your schools.

We always have our phone with us, it’s always on, and it’s never beyond reach. Our apps are an ideal way to ensure everyone always has the ability to report any situation that poses a danger to them with a single touch of the button.

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