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Active Shooter

When Response Time Matters  

For Big box stores that maintain an on-site security

Big Box Stores and manufacturing plant brings into sharp relief the need for police to be able to quickly and accurately identify the location of an active shooter. That event also demonstrates that on-site security personnel isn’t enough. The last people to be notified in situations that occurred at the Aurora plant are typically on-site security personnel.

Police arrived quickly but then had to search for the perpetrator. The search required minutes, placing an untold number of employees and police at additional risk and delaying the entry of first responders to administer aid to the wounded.

The best option is to notify the police, but it’s equally important for law enforcement to have accurate information when they arrive on the scene. The circumstances are chaotic and sorting through multiple reports can cause significant delays.

The Texas Guardians App was specifically developed to make reporting suspicious or dangerous activities easier and provide police with strategic information to quickly identify the location of perpetrators. The App conforms to the “Run, Hide, Fight” tactics developed by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

When needed, the App uses a single button to notify police instead of the three required to dial 911. When activated, the App automatically performs multiple functions that include

Additional hidden components included. Ask your rep for more information.

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•Active shooter


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Building Security 

Active shooter

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