COVID-19 has closed schools and is taking a toll on the mental health of adults and students. Even when schools are cleared to reopen, the term “normal” will have an entirely new meaning. Students will continue to deal with stress, mental health issues, and there could be an upsurge in shooters or suicides.


Part of The Texas Guardians Tri app was developed specifically for educational facilities and is easily able to adapt to any situation that may arise when school resumes.

Students stress levels are disrupting sleep patterns, causing difficulty concentrating, and is resulting in atypical behaviors.

"That won’t end when school reopens."

Educational staff, parents and caregivers will also be dealing with their own trauma and it could also result in atypical behavior with less attention to students.

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A week of neglect in terms of students’ mental health will cost a year of repair and that’s a recipe for mental health disaster.


Students’ Mental Health

Incidents of cyberbullying, physical stalking, dating violence, sexual assault, and violence against school personnel in and outside of the school environment can be reported. The app provides mental health reporting as part of the mental health policies established in Senate Bill 11 for schools that was passed by the Texas Legislature.



COVID-19 has changed all aspects of everyday life and everyone reacts differently to stress and fear. The Texas Guardians app has components for teachers, bus drivers and campus security to report any number of problems that educational staff may encounter with students and their mental health needs. It enables users to discreetly report a comprehensive array of situations.

The Trio App assists in identifying at-risk students as part of the mental health assessment, investigative, and intervention process.

The App exceeds requirements of new policy model's and is available for; 

  • Students

  • Staffs members 

  • Bus drivers

  • Administration staff

  • Parents, etc. 


The App also provides multi-agency collaboration to identify risks, threats and provide appropriate interventions for harmful, threatening, or violent behaviors to students or staff.

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Mental Health

Arming teachers with technology will reduce the number of students physical confrontation with staff.