Americans have lost the feeling of safety and security they once enjoyed. It’s been stolen by Covid 19- and mass shooters, From the non-complaint virus host to the attacking of venues ranging from schools and shopping centers to concerts and movie theaters.

Home-grown terrorists are increasing in number. Their methods have remained fairly consistent so far. However, as more people are on the alert and making it more difficult for them to carry out their heinous acts, terrorist tactics may change along with the means used to injure, maim, and kill innocent victims.

Compounding the problem are faulty apps that provide a false sense of security. They either don’t work, fail at critical times, or create false alarms that intensify fear and trauma.


The Texas Guardians app eliminates those problems.

The Biggest Problems Anywhere and Most of The Time

Well-meaning individuals that don’t communicate clearly and inadvertently delay rescue efforts.

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When Response Time Matters