Here are you task. I need it by the time i wake up.

1. click on each button to the right. follow instruction that is on the button. then delete the button.  Done

2 make sure all app that are on the web are directed to the second page with the info of the app and the picture of the mockup | Done

3. Add more apps the TG app page. use some of the old ones and easy to sell and fix. GET Tahier to help.. need them test and ready for me to price in the morning with you. (Done)

Then make a link for all clients that already login using our website from this website to theirs portal from they currently use.(Done)

The Publish this website to live and transfer all links and emails we use to this website. We go live when i wake.(Done)

Next. go to my pc and look for all the flyers we've made . they are trifold. find them all and all of them on a file on my desktop.

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