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The Texas Guardians

Providing Mobile 

Solutions for Everyday Threats

What We Do.

The Texas Guardians World Wide creates, provides and implements mobile safety solutions for all segments of the population that includes individuals, Medical organizations, School Districts, Universities, Congregations, Businesses, Bail Bondsmen, and Law Enforcement.


Our Smart phone technology is specifically designed to summon help from any type of emergencies and instantly interfaces with first res-ponders to provide a faster response time.


It basically provides a greater level of personal safety and measure risks before it happens for a safer society


 The app does not replace 911 services in any way. It does provide individuals with an advanced tool for safety with multiple applications. The app is available for those that want an added layer of protection, but no one is ever under any obligation to utilize it. 

Startup Team

Multi-functional Design

Requiring no special training to use

Coders of Codes

In-house Experts Coders

Expert Collaborators 

First Reponders  

How It Helps Your Organization.

Our Technology will provide a range of mobile security apps, custom tailored to your organization. Your employees can now optimize their work performance and productivity knowing they are in a safer work environment.

Classroom Lecture

Educators & Office Employees

April 12, 2019

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Shopping Center & Big Box Stores

April 12, 2019

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Law Enforcement 

April 12, 2019


If your church or congregation is in need of security advice, training, or help in starting a security program, please contact us.

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