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"When Total Rescue Time  Matters" 

Instant Alerts & Emergency Notifications

Leaders in Personal Safety Technology
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We Are The New Leaders in Personal Safety Technology

"We're  Revolutionizing Emergency Management By Focusing on Beyond Response Time"

"At The Texas Guardians, our focus extends beyond traditional 'Response Time' statistics, especially in critical scenarios like school active shooter situations. We understand that the key to effective emergency management lies in the 'Total Rescue Time' – the complete cycle from the moment a threat is perceived to when assistance is rendered. Our approach integrates the initial moments of threat identification, the swift utilization of our custom-developed technology for silent emergency reporting, the processing of this alert, and the coordinated action of first responders on the scene.

Our technological solutions, which include bespoke apps and personal panic buttons, are the result of collaborative brainstorming and development by our diverse team. This team comprises retired school superintendents, seasoned SWAT commanders, and even a retired chief of The Texas Rangers, bringing a wealth of experience and specialized knowledge to the table.

By focusing on reducing the Total Rescue Time, we aim to provide a more comprehensive and effective response to emergencies, particularly in high-stress scenarios like active shooter events in schools. Our goal is to empower individuals in public spaces with the means to report emergencies quickly and silently, contributing to safer environments through innovation and technological prowess."

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