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The New Standard
in Instant Communication

When Response Time Matters

What We Do

Leveraging AI and advanced technology, we offer a diverse portfolio of innovative products tailored for K-12 schools, the corporate sector, healthcare facilities, state and law enforcement agencies, the federal government, as well as individuals and families.


Stay ahead of potential threats with our proactive security solutions, empowering you to prevent and protect.


Our solution provides comprehensive and robust protection, ensuring the highest level of security for your needs.


Our system seamlessly reunifies individuals and restores connectivity through efficient post-crisis reunification protocols.

Cutting Edge Technology

Experience the forefront of security technology with our advanced solutions, driving safety to new heights and providing unparalleled assurance. 

Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Reliability.

The Texas Guardians was built on a solid foundation of safety, driven by an unwavering commitment to protect and serve. With safety at the core of our values, we have dedicated ourselves to providing reliable and innovative solutions that stand the test of time.  Through a combination of expertise, relentless dedication, and a passion for safeguarding lives, we continue to build upon our strong foundation, shaping a safer future for all.​

We offer a wide array of groundbreaking solutions, including panic buttons, intelligent safety apps, an advanced monitoring system, healthcare tracking solutions, and state-of-the-art sensors. Our comprehensive product range ensures unparalleled safety and security. 

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Years of Experience








Worldwide Connections

Discover the remarkable evolution of The Texas Guardians, from a startup driven by the mission to combat texting & driving, to a world-class safety solution company empowering and safeguarding thousands of individuals with unwavering dedication.

Are You Prepared to Make a Difference?

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